As a human in our era right now, we can be very tempted by all kind of distractions. TV shows, social networks, partying etc…

Of course it’s nice sometimes but is it really the only think you wanna do with your life? I’m sure that you have some dreams or a goal you want to achieve. We unfortunately live in a world of instant gratification and distractions. Time just flies and one day you’re 5 years later without even knowing.

That’s why, I try to be fully present from day to day, enjoy the small happiness of my life but also work on my dreams everyday. Don’t try to avoid the hard things with procrastination or just waiting for motivation.

You MUST discipline yourself to do the things even when it’s not fun. That’s how you reach your goals.

And that’s why I remind myself that inaction can kill me later in life. My greatest fear would be to arrive near my death and learn that I didn’t reach my potential, that I could have done better or that I should have done something instead of nothing.

I just don’t want to regret anything and it’s the reason I’m writing these words right now. I want a reminder from me to my future self.

Do you?



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